Postnatal Health

Birth means a big change, for the mother’s body, for the baby and for the family unit itself. Making sure the whole family is in good health can help you all cope better with the changes after your baby is born.

Good health practices during the postnatal period decreases the chance of postnatal depression, creates a more positive outlook for the mother, encourages bonding, makes breastfeeding more successful for both mother and baby and helps the mother’s body to work more efficiently to get back to its pre-conception state.

I can offer you treatments for:

  • post natal depletion and post natal depression
  • emotional healing after traumatic birth
  • physical healing after caesarean section or tearing
  • help with mother/child and father/child bonding
  • increasing breast milk
  • mastitis infections
  • insomnia

I can do this with help from Mizan Therapy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Flower Essences (or Placenta Encapsulation, if arranged prior to birth).