Birth means a big change, for the mother’s body, for the baby and for the family unit itself. Making sure the whole family is in good health can help you all cope better with the changes after your baby is born.

Good health practices during the postnatal period decreases the chance of postnatal depression, creates a more positive outlook for the mother, encourages bonding, makes breastfeeding more successful for both mother and baby and helps the mother’s body to work more efficiently to get back to its pre-conception state.

“I used Virginia’s ‘Boobymilk Booster’ herbal formula to help increase my milk supply during the first few months after birth, as I felt the supply had dropped off from the initial amount (ie. my breasts were not as large and full of milk as I thought they should be).  I really struggled getting used to breast feeding, it was painful and not enjoyable.  But I stuck with it and once I mastered attaching my daughter correctly so feeding wasn’t painful, the formula assisted me and my daughter to get into a routine where my supply was regulated by her demand.  I realised you don’t need big breasts to feed successfully, my body knew what my daughter needed. I breast fed for 13 months and I’m really glad that I was able to give my daughter a good start in her life.” –  Jane Peacock

I can offer you treatments for:

– post natal depletion and post natal depression
– emotional healing after traumatic birth
– physical healing after caesarean section or tearing
– help with mother/child and father/child bonding
– increasing breast milk
– mastitis infections
– ongoing insomnia

I can do this with help from the following modalities:


Dietary advice to ensure you and your baby are getting the best nutrition out of what you eat, so that the baby grows with optimum health.

I can also prescribe the best ‘practitioner only’ nutritional supplements to enhance what you may not get out of diet alone and to treat specific conditions. e.g. wound healing, mastitis, post natal depletion/depression.

Herbal Medicine:

Herbs can be of great help in the postnatal period. They can help initiate faster healing for tears or caesarean scarring, increase breast milk production, help resolve mastitis infections and post natal depression, and increase relaxation for ongoing sleep disturbances.

Flower Essences:

I use Australian Bush Flower Essences to heal emotional issues that can surface after having a baby for mother, father, baby and siblings.

They can:

– help mother/child bonding, which can be an issue if there has been prolonged separation and/or delayed breastfeeding after birth (as is often the case with caesareans), or if there is difficult family issues in one’s history
– help father/child bonding, which can present itself especially with a history of a difficult relationship with one’s own father
– help resolve jealousy with older siblings after the newborn arrives home
– increase confidence in parenting skills
– deal with underlying emotional issues causing post natal depression
– heal the effects of traumatic birth for mother and baby
– help bring the spirit of the newborn properly into his/her body
– give psychic protection to the baby
– help to cope with grief after a still born child

Placenta Encapsulation:

Please see the Placenta Services page for more info about this fantastic way to boost nutrients and energy, as well as reduce the chances of post natal depression.

If you would like to discuss with me how I can help make your postnatal period easier, please contact me.