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Sydney Doula Virginia Maddock at Natural Beginnings has had a special interest in natural birth, water births, VBACs and homebirths since 2006. She services the Sydney suburbs of Sutherland Shire, St George, Bankstown, Inner West (RPA Hospital) and Eastern suburbs (Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick) areas, or up to 1hr away from Miranda for planned homebirths! If you would like some extra support through pregnancy, labour and birth, then please get in contact to avoid disappointment! 🙂

Giving birth can be physically demanding, emotionally draining and fraught with fear. But did you know that hiring an experienced birth support person (or ‘doula’), can help your birthing experience be one of transformation and empowerment?

Sydney Doula

Sydney Doula Virginia Maddock at Natural Beginnings supports a woman in labour

Research shows that having a doula can:
– Halve your chances of caesarean, forceps or vacuum extraction.
– Shorten labour by reducing stress, pain and anxiety.
– Significantly reduce the need for pain medication relief.
– Increase relationship satisfaction with your partner and your baby.

A doula is someone you come to know well by the time of your birth, and who is there during your labour, by your side, focused solely on you and your partner. She can encourage you, remain objective, and help your partner feel more confident about how to support you. She can also assist you with practical knowledge on measures to relieve discomfort and encourage relaxation during labour, such as positioning, use of water, massage and aromatherapy.

A doula can provide information when you have questions, and can help you communicate more effectively with your medical caregivers and supports you in making choices that are right for you.

My Sydney Doula services package includes:

– 10 years experience supporting many different births including homebirths, hospital/birth centre births, VBACs and lotus birth.

– 3 prenatal visits in your home, plus unlimited phone & email contact.

– Help with writing a birth plan.

– Full access to lending library of books and DVDs – natural pregnancy, birth & parenting titles available.

– Complementary ‘Beer + Bubs’ session for your partner/husband.

– 24 hour on call from 38 weeks.

– Physical, emotional and informational support during labour and birth, from when you are in established labour and in need of that extra support.

– Herbs and flower essences during labour, as needed, to reduce the need for medical interventions

– Birth Photography: Digital photos taken during labour and after your little one has arrived, taken on your camera (free of charge), OR…
– Professional photos taken on my Canon 5D mkiii with all the best edited photos of your birth and new baby on disc to keep forever (extra charge).

– 1-2 follow-up postnatal visits to debrief the birth.

“Dearest Virginia, Thank you so much for all your kind support and help in the preparation for the birth of our baby boy, Jared Cooper Edginton, born 9/4/08 at 5.12pm. Good luck in the future as a doula, you’re a star! Much love, Mon & Joe.”
April 2008

[This couple enlisted my services to help with writing their birth plan as well as information and emotional support leading up to the birth, which gained them confidence to birth without the need for extra support.]

Please see all of Virginia’s doula testimonials here!

I can also offer you the following additions to enhance your labour experience:

Hot packs and Cold cloths:

Heat is a welcome relief for the labouring woman and is especially helpful with hot packs to ease pain in the lower back and belly area.

I have also found that cloths dipped in ice cold water are very soothing on the face and neck, and to keep the body from overheating, particularly when in a hot bath or birthing pool.


Massage stimulates the body to release endorphins which are natural pain-killing and mood-lifting substances. During labour, tense muscles can cause excessively painful contractions so massage techniques help to relax muscles, decreasing the sensation of pain.
The power of touch can also bring reassurance with the simple knowledge that you have support present and you know you’re not going through it alone.
One study showed that women who were massaged during labour were less anxious and experienced less pain as well as having shorter labours and less postnatal depression than a control group of women who were not massaged.
Essential oils can be added to the massage oil to your taste if you so desire.


Reiki means “universal life force”.  Reiki is a system of natural hands-on healing originating in Japan. During a treatment, this life force (or “chi”) is channelled through the practitioner’s hands into the client which strengthens the energy system and chakras. The nature of Reiki is to encourage a holistic balance of body, mind, and spirit. This is true for both the mother and the unborn child.
During labour Reiki can help to ease pain, calm anxiety and keep the mother focused (and as research shows, the more relaxed a woman is during childbirth, the less likely she is to need medical intervention).
[As some religions do not agree with reiki, this is optional and can be omitted upon request!]

Herbal medicines:

If you truly desire a natural birth, then herbal medicines can be of great benefit as a first port of call to avoid non-emergency medical interventions, which can lead to the snowball effect of one intervention leading to another, with ever-increasing side effects that can harm the baby.
Herbs have been used by midwives to assist the birthing process for hundreds of generations, before the invention of obstetric practice.

Situations that can be benefited by herbs are:
– overdue baby (ie. over 42 weeks, or approaching the date that a medical induction is booked)
– premature rupture of membranes (to reduce the chance of infection and get labour started)
– prolonged labour (where labour has started then stopped)
– postpartum bleeding
– exhaustion

Virginia’s skills as a doula and herbalist were [also] great during the labour, suggesting positions when I felt stuck, giving me herbs and flower essences when I needed an energy boost, and encouraging me to voice my feelings when they intruded into the progress of the labour.
– Kerrie Webb

Flower essences:

Flower essences can also increase your likelihood of having a natural, intervention-free birth. When a woman is in labour, she enters an altered state which makes her far more sensitive to energetic healing. I use Australian Bush Flower Essences which can be used to:

– clear the room of past negative energies
– ease fear and tension
– reduce physical exhaustion and improve stamina and endurance

Australian Bush Flower Essences can also be used after the birth to:
– help bonding between mother and baby, and father and baby
– help baby to cope with birth trauma and give him/her psychic protection from negative outside influences
– help bring the spirit of the newborn into his/her body
– help the baby release negative family and karmic patterns

Spinning Babies techniques:

Virginia has done some workshops with Gail Tully from the Spinning Babies website, and has been successful in turning babies from posterior to anterior during labour, which has worked amazingly well to hasten the birth!

Virginia’s Birth Education:

Virginia keeps up to date with ongoing childbirth education and has attended the following courses and conferences…

-Doula Certificate (Marie Burrows & Sandra Robinson) – Birthings Rites Australia 2006
-Homebirth Australia Conference – Geelong 2006
-Doula conference – Gold Coast 2007
-Homebirth Australia Conference – Sydney 2010
-Homebirth Australia Conference – Newcastle 2011
-Homebirth Australia Conference – Hobart 2012
-Birthkeeper Intensive (Jane Hardwicke-Collings) – Sydney 2012
-Birth Into Being (Nicole Moore) – Sydney 2013
-Intro to Birthing From Within (Virginia Bobro) – Sydney 2013
-Trust Birth Conference – Sydney 2013
-Homebirth Australia Conference – Brisbane 2014
-Midwifery Today Conference – Byron Bay 2014
-Homebirth Australia Conference – Melbourne 2015
-Intro to Birthing From Within (Virginia Bobro) – Sydney 2015
-Creative Ways Of Making Space For The Baby (Jenny Blyth) – Melbourne 2016
-Spinning Babies workshop (Ginny Phang) – Brisbane 2017

So, how much would you expect to pay for all of my pregnancy, birth support
and natural therapies
experience? Just $1399*!

(Think how much you spent on wedding photography alone, and the photographer wasn’t on 24 hour call for weeks on end!)

I offer:
*$100 discount for planned homebirths with an independent midwife.


– Professional birth photography with all the best edited photos of your birth and new baby on disc to keep forever ($250)
– Blessingway Ceremonies ($150) & Henna Bellies (from $80p/hr)
– Birth Trauma Release Ceremonies- ($190, or included as one of your prenatal visits)
– Placenta Encapsulation (from $230)

If you would like to discuss more about how I can help during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, please contact me.